The Shadows of Cro Series is Now Available on Amazon!

Amalee Allaciah’s new roommate eats people…
Not long ago she was enjoying a life of luxury in a castle with the royal family of Elentra. But that all ended the day she manifested as a Thell, a mage capable of deadly magic.

Now to keep from being hunted down and killed, she must survive nine months in the last haven for Thell; a dark and cold training academy full of intrigue and violence that houses a dangerous secret that will force Amalee and her new roommate to rely on each other in order to survive.

  • November 2020: The Black Vale re-released

  • December 2020: The Valley of Bones Release

  • February 2021: LTUE Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Symposium

  • May 2021: Finished first draft of book Three of The Shadows of Cro! Tentative title: The Finder

The storyline is creative and beautifully written, I could not do anything but find a quiet room, fending off any and all attempts at human interaction, and just READ!!

Amazon Reviewer and all-around smart person